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The Tea Group is leading a tea revolution and igniting people’s passion for tea. Today, there is a clear opportunity to break old-fashioned stereotypes and to bring something new and dynamic to the world of tea. Through our distribution services we support the global HoReCa and retail community delivering inspirational teatime solutions that enhance your guest experiences and maximise your profitability from tea, cold brews and herbal infusions.

Transformative Tea Programmes

Tea is an exciting beverage with the potential to unlock bolstered revenue whilst creating memorable experiences that inspire customers and have them coming back for more. There is a growing demand for more artisan and premium teas and we are fully integrated into all aspects of teatime with a broad knowledge of consumer behaviour and trend adoption. We are also involved in government tea transformation initiatives and national educational and development programmes. As a result of our artisan brand nurturing projects we are fortunate to sit on the intersection between the consumer, brands and trade.

Premium, Speciality & Artisan Teas

Magnificent quality and sublime taste are at the heart of what we do. The brands that we work with are amongst the most exciting, sustainable and ethical providing great product quality and flavour selection. Our neutrality enables us to deliver a tailored selection of teas, cold brews and herbal infusions for a wide range of consumers, with the availability to adapt and change each season.

Multi-Sensory Tea Experiences

By infusing a core team of tea gastronomy enthusiasts with Food & Beverage leaders and Executive Chefs we’re curating tailored and unique teatime experiences centered around gastronomy, ambience, location and guest profile. Supported by our unique 3-Step Consumer Engagement Programme developed by global tea experts and designed to empower your staff and to guide guests to their perfect tea moment time and time again.

Compelling Marketing Support

We offer a comprehensive marketing plan, supporting our hospitality partners through engagement and communication at all levels. We understand the function and importance of ease of service whilst delivering an elevated guest experience through distinctive delivery formats and modern Point Of Sale engagement.


We truly love what we do and are fortunate to work with some of the best venues in the world

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If you’re interested in collaborating with The Tea Group and would like to find out more, our expert trade team would be delighted to hear from you.